• A browser-based display of what happening on Switchvox.
  • Open Switchboard by clicking the switchboard button in the upper right corner of the User Suit
    • This will load the Switchboard for your extension
  1. Options – dropdown menu that lets you control your Switchboard
  2. My Status – dropdown meuu that lets you change your status
  3. Voicemails – lets you see the number of messag you have, new and old.
  • Options (#1) – a dropdown menu that lets you control your Switchboard
    • Save Layout – the next time you open the Switchboard, the window is the same size, and the same panels are open in the same place.
    • Panels – let you open and close all of the Switchboard panels you have permission to use
      • Current calls – displays all of the active calls on your extension and gives you many options for handling those calls:
        • Send Call
        • Hold & Resume
        • Take Another Call
        • Transfer: Assisted & Blind
        • Transfer to Voicemail
        • Record
      • Directory – offers you access to an Internal Directory defined by your Switchvox administrator
      • Parking Lot – lets you “park” calls so they call can be picked up at a different extension
      • Profile – displays the profile of the extension owner you are talking to and offers the following one-click options to reach extensions:
        • Chat
        • Call
        • Voicemail
      • Phonebook – displays the entries in a Phonebook. You can click on any entry to dial that number. Some extensions can display as Extended Entries, to help you communicate more effectively with that person.
        • Normal Entries
        • Status
        • Intercom
        • Pickup
        • Record
        • Monitor
        • Barge
      • Whisper – you can whisper into a call, the caller cannot hear you
      • Chat – lets you text interactively with your Switchvox coworkers
      • Queue – Each Call Queue panel in your Switchboard contains views into that queue’s activity and statistics for the day.
      • CRM – a call rings your phone, all of the information for that customer is displayed immediately
      • Google Maps – shows you where your caller is on a map based on area code and prefix
      • Custom – Switchvox administrator may have set up custom panels that integrate with Web applications
      • Popup URLs – Switchvox administrator can write external applications that set a display URL for each incoming call.
    • My phone – lets you select the phone you want to representing you from a list of converged phones