Wireless Solutions

Wireless networking is transforming the office by breaking the traditional restrictions associated with wired networks. Work has permanently moved out of the office and into the conference room and onto warehouse floor. Employees now have the flexibility to roam around the building or complex and have constant access to the tools required to do their jobs. To take advantage of this freedom, organizations are using both wireless networks and remote access solutions to stay in touch with co-workers, customers, and partners.


Netgain Networks delivers comprehensive wireless network solutions that meet the complex needs of today’s business environment. Our solutions are designed around the unique aspects of your organization, using state of the art equipment and industry best practices. All our wireless network deployments place special emphasis on developing scalable, secure, and redundant networks. We provide short range enterprise wireless networks in areas where conventional networks do not exist or are difficult to implement. As well as high performance long range point to point or point to multi-point wireless connections that replace the need for expensive fiber or leased line connections.

Benefits of Going Wireless

The benefits of wireless networks are both short- and long-term including:



All notebook computers and many mobile phones today come equipped with the WiFi technology required to connect directly to a wireless LAN. Employees can securely access your network resources from any location within your coverage area. A coverage area is typically your facility, although it can stretch to include more than one building.


Employees can stay connected to the network even when they’re not at their desks. People in meetings can access documents and applications. Salespeople can check the network for important details from any location.


Access to information and your company’s key applications helps your staff get the job done and encourages collaboration. Visitors (such as customers, contractors or vendors) can have secure guest access to the Internet and their business data.

Ease of setup

When you don’t have to run physical cables through a location, installation can be quick and cost-effective. Wireless LANs also make it easier to bring network connectivity to hard-to-reach locations, such as a warehouse or factory floor.


As your business operations grow, you may need to quickly expand your network. Wireless networks can typically expand with existing equipment, while a wired network might require additional wiring.



Controlling and managing access to your wireless network is important to its success. Advances in WiFi technology provide robust security protections so your data is easily available to only the people you allow access.


It can cost less to operate a wireless LAN, which eliminates or reduces wiring costs during office moves, reconfigurations, or expansions.

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