Avaya IP500 User Manual


Phone Buttons and Features Overview

Putting a call on Hold

  1. Press Hold button, the active call will be keep on hold and you get a possibility to call another subscriber.
  2. Press Drop key to return back to the call or select the call on hold and press OK.

Muting a call

  1. Press the Mute button during a call so that the other person cannot hear you.
  2. Press the Mute button again to unmute the call.

Transferring a call

  1. Select new call to ….
  2. Press the OK button.
    • Your first call is put on hold.
  3. Dial the appropriate call number.
  4. When the party answers, announce the call.
    • If the party does not answer, press the Drop button to return to the call on hold.
  5. Press the Transfer button or hang up.

Answering a call ringing another extension

  1. Dial *32*EXT#
    • Example: Answering a call on Ext 300
      • Dial *32*300#

Voicemail Greeting

  1. Press the Message button.
  2. Scroll and select Greeting
  3. Press “Record” the softkey button.
  4. To listen the greeting, follow the advice of your voicemail system.
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